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Performance and Precision

The Aura XP™ 15 Watt laser system delivers unmatched performance and steady-state reliability that can be applied to a wide range of soft tissue clinical applications.

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-ISS Solutions Tech
4 years ago
Entering Service Mode
I recently purchased a service HASP key for this laser but am not sure how to enter the service mode to clear the PM code that pops up. Can anyone explain how to enter the service mode. ThanksReply


-ISS Solutions Tech
5 years ago
Service Manual
Does anyone have a service manual for this Device. Thanks NickReply


-Matt Laser Guy
5 years ago
Circuit board repairs
A couple of years ago i was contacted by a 3rd party thag repairs Aura power supplies, PCBs and other circuits. Now that AMS/ BS is no longer making the Aura I need to find a component level repair company. I dont have the info from the company that emailed me but I remember they were from the Southern E. Coast. Does anyone know who this company is? Thank You, MReply


[list]    [*] Precise Cutting and Coagulation - StarPulse™ Technology precisely limits the depth of penetration for increased control, while providing excellent hemostasis, vaporization, and cutting power.    [*] Unique StarPulse Technology - Allows you to deliver a pulse width as short as 1 millisecond.    [*] 532 nm Pulsed Wavelength - KTP energy is highly absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, delivering precise coagulation while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.    [*] Compact Design and Quiet Operation - Perfect for in-office and small procedure rooms and can be placed on a countertop or cart. Its small, compact design is perfect for the hospital, office or ambulatory surgery center.    [*] Easy and Convenient Plug and Play Operation - Standard Electrical 120vac (20amp) plug and play operation enables easy movement from one room to another and expedites procedure time.    [*] Solid-state Reliability - Reliable, solid-state construction sets a new standard for high performance with easy maintenance.    [/list]


Height17 in
Length 24 in
Weight60 lbs
Wavelength532 nm
Width12 in

Additional Specifications

Laser Wavelength: 532 nm        Laser Power: 0.5 to 15 Watts        StarPulse Peak Power: 160 Watts        Pulse Rates: 1 to 20 pulses per second when duration set between 1 to 50 milliseconds

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