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Low Temperature Sterilization System

The Amsco V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System offers high-capacity load options to meet daily procedure needs. The system has an easy to read control display with three cycle options: a 28-minute Non Lumen Cycle for cameras, light cords, batteries and items such as daVinci devices; a new 35-minute Flexible Cycle for single and dual channel flexible surgical scopes/ bronchoscopes with or without nonlumen load; and a 55-minute Lumen Cycle that sterilizes up to 20 stainless steel lumens per load. Low sensitivity to moisture minimizes aborted cycles, which helps ensure reliable device turnaround.

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-Dan M
2 years ago
Liquid H2O2 on packaging
Has anyone encountered liquid H2O2 on steripeel or wrapped items after being processsed in a V-Pro max2 . Leak test good, all parameters with in spec, no leak at SV4. I have a V-Pro max 10 ft away and it performs perfectly. Thanks

Equipment: STERIS - AMSCO V-PRO maX



6 years ago
Resetting oil change alert
We changed the vacuum pump oil and we need to reset the oil change alert. We need help to get into the menu and reset the alert. Does anyone have a copy of the service manual or can help us with instructions as to how to proceed. Thank you Reply


6 years ago
Motor Drag Issues
We are having problems with one of our V-Pro. The motor seems to be dragging, not getting enough voltage, causing the circuit breaker to pop. But when we do the motor test in the service mode it works fine. When you run a leak test and the motor kicks in it drags and trips the circuit breaker. Reply
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The new AMSCO® V-PRO®maX Low Temperature Sterilization System


[list]  [*] Process dual channel surgical flexible endoscopes  [*] Processing options include a 35-minute Flexible Cycle, a 55-minute Lumen Cycle and a 28-minute Non Lumen Cycle.  [*] Process up to 2X more Lumen devices* per load than STERRAD 100NX and NX  [*] Process 2 Surgical Flexible Scopes (or) 1 Surgical Flexible Scope and non lumened load up to 24 pounds.  [/list]


Chamber Volume136 L
Chamber Width15 in
Height38 in
Chamber Height32.5 in
Length 33 in
OrientationFloor Standing
Chamber Depth17 in
Width75 in
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