MRIequip - Non-Magnetic Multi-Level MRI Stretcher
by MRIequip

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The “Standard” and the lightest lift-in cot in the industry (built of aluminum).

Ferno’s Model 30 Multi-Level, Lift-in Cot served as the industry standard for many years and is still used by many ambulance companies and medical facilities. The Ferno Model 30 cot adjusts to six height levels, enabling patient transfer from most nursing home beds or hospital treatment tables. To operate the height adjustment mechanism, the EMTs must assume the patients weight prior to raising or lowering the cot-bed frame. Because the Model 30 must be lifted to be loaded into the vehicle, it can be used with ambulances that have various floor heights. The Model 30 cot will work well in station wagons, vans or modular ambulances. The telescoping head-end main frame section allows the Model 30 cot to be shortened for maneuverability around tight corners and spaces. The Model 30-NM is the Non-Magnetic version for medical treatment areas where the cot must be non-magnetized.

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Height32 in
Length 78 in
Weight56 lbs
Patient Weight Capacity400 lbs
Width23 in
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