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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 

The Elan ATAC 8000 chemistry analyzer is designed for small clinical laboratories to handle multiple analytical tasks and being a bench-top model, it has the advantage of high throughput random access technology and can conduct about 40 analyses. With this laboratory equipment you can carry out tests on Albumin, GPT (ALT), Alkaline Phosphatase, Cholesterol, Calcium, Bilirubin (Direct and Total) and Glucose accurately and efficiently. This analyzer has the capability of performing 475 tests per hour and the equipment can be operated in three modes such as continuous random access, batch testing, and stat. The refrigerated reagent tray can store about forty ATAC-PAK reagents and has a maximum of 6000 test capacity.

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8 months ago
lamps for analyzer
Hi, we need halogen lamps por this analyzer, do you have them? Thank you

Equipment: Atac 8000



3 years ago
buen dia quisiera reemplazar las mangueras de mi equipo las cuales por el tiempo de uso ya estan deterioradas provocando fugas de agua en la jeringas gracias.! si hay un kit de mantenimiento que tenga esas mangueras necesito comprarlo alguien sabe donde lo puedo conseguir? Reply


3 years ago
reparación mantenimiento
buen día necesito el kit de mantenimiento que incluye mangueras jeringas válvulas de este equipo debido a que se me deterioraron las mangueras que van conectadas en las válvulas de vació de las jeringas Reply


  • Refrigerated Reagent Tray - The ATAC 8000 holds 40 individual ATAC-PAK reagents for a maximum of a 6,000 test capacity, providing over 12 hours of walk-away operation. On board refrigeration assures reagent stability and continuous inventory monitoring enables the operator to know the number of tests remaining in each PAK.
  • Integrated ISE Module - The integrated ISE Module utilizes a proprietary, solid state, electrode design for Na, K, Cl, and CO2. No filling or pre-treatment required solution, only on demand test results as requested.
  • High Capacity Sample Chamber - 70 positions are available for disposable micro sample cups, standard vacutainer tubes, standards, controls, and STAT samples.
  • Cuvette Assembly: 25 cuvettes are precision matched for accuracy and reproducibility. Positioned in a peltier regulated housing, the glass cuvettes are cleaned and reused automatically. 
  • On-Board Diluent - There is no need for a separate water system. The ATAC 8000 is independent of the laboratory's water supply and has an onboard diluent tank for easy filling. An optional 20 liter carboy is available for high volume users.  
  • Sample Probe Module - The unique tapered design and automatic washing eliminates sample carryover. The reagents are pre-heated to 37C as they are delivered through the probe providing optimal reagent temperature and consistent measurements for improved performance.   [/list]


Throughput6000 samples/hr
Weight155 lbs
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