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Tri-Lase™ Q-Switched & Erbium YAG Laser

[b]The Newest Innovation in Q-Switched ND: YAG Technology[/b]      The Tri-Lase combines the two most popular wavelengths for skin resurfacing, Q-Switched ND: YAG & Er: YAG and can be used for treatment for tattoos and pigmented lesions while the Erbium YAG laser for superficial rejuvenation. With the Tri-Lase laser, you will be able to provide your patients with healthy and more youthful skin.            The Tri-Lase is a cost effective, smart investment that provides aesthetic laser facilities, a cash based procedure that will fulfill a specific niche for practices. With the Tri-Lase, your patient base will increase and a high yield return on investment can be quickly realized.

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Water leaking all over floor

How to repair water leak from tattoo removal machine 

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Water Flow Error
how to troubleshoot this errorReply


[list]    [*] Tattoo Removal • Pigmentation Lesions - When treating benign pigmented lesions and tattoo ink, the safety profile of the Tri-Lase nanosecond pulse width makes it possible to attain reliable and predictable clinical results with minimal risk of adverse reactions and textural changes to the skin. The PhotoAcoustic power of the Tri-Lase selectively shatters and destroys the target chromophore while preserving the surrounding healthy cellular structures. The macrophages of the skin’s immune system will then start cleansing the fragments from the body resulting in impressive clinical results that are easily obtained and repeatable.      [*] Atrophic Acne Scars • Photodamaged Skin Lesions • Mild to Moderate Facial Wrinkles • Uneven Pigment Seborrhic Keratosis - Sandstone’s engineering has implemented a unique extended ablation technology that amply improves patient comfort and minimizes downtime. By combining a proprietary fluence level with an extra-long pulse width, it precisely ablates the skin without exposing the underlying dermis. Thus, the gentle nature of the laser allows you to safely and effectively treat highly sensitive skin regions on the neck, back of the hands and around the peri-oral and peri-orbital areas without anesthesia.    [/list]


Laser TypeNd:Yag
Wavelength532 nm 2940nm for ER:YAG
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