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Cheveux 810nm Diode Laser

[b]810nm Diode - The “Gold Standard” Wavelength[/b]        Time has honored the 810nm diode wavelength as a proven light-source for permanent hair reduction but aesthetic laser history tells us it is the technology that surrounds this source of diode laser light that is crucial to realizing the ultimate goals of safe and effective treatments.                [b]Practical Yet Innovative[/b]        By taking a practical, yet highly innovative perspective, Sandstone Medical Technologies has developed a state-of-the-art high-powered diode laser system that is extremely user-friendly. We have created the Cheveux to be an affordable, no-consumables laser that provides our clients with the opportunity of an aggressive financial return on thier investment. The Cheveux has proven itself to be an invaluable tool on the forefront of meeting physician’s needs for affordable hair removal while providing patients with outstanding treatment sessions and desired results.                [b]The Perfect Dosage Of Light[/b]        The intuitive touch-screen user interface provides the safest quality of individualized care by helping the treating technician formulate the perfect dosage of light that will accurately target the cellular mechanisms that cause unwanted body hair, pigmented lesions and visible broken blood vessels.                [b]Integrated Contact Cooling Sapphire Tip[/b]        A dynamic cooling sensation is the first line of comfort patients feel during a treatment with the Cheveux laser system. Sandstone’s integrated Contact Cooling Tip protects the epidermis before, during and after each energy pulse. This brings a solid element of reassurance to both the physician and patient for a safe, easy, and quick treatment session.                [b]Versatile Operation Parameters[/b]        The Cheveux laser system provides physicians with the capability of customizing treatment parameters for the broadest range of skin colors and genetic variants in hair growth. By combining smart laser engineering with the traveling depth of the infrared 810nm wavelength and its selective absorption of melenin inside the hair shaft, clinicians can customize the treatment for patient's wants and needs. Several unique parameter options are available with the Cheveux laser system.

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8 years ago
Cheveux Standstone Handle


Writing from Turkey, Pls can you let us know if you can supply us a new Handpiece for Cheveux Standstone? If so what will be the cost and delivery time? 

Hoping to recieve your soonest reply. 



Oguz Sen



10 years ago
Service Manual

Does anyone have the Service Manual for the Cheveux Sandstone 810 nm Diode Laser?

The laser (red HeNe or Diode Laser) are not firing. The problem seems to be on the power supply board.




[list]    [*] "Smooth Flow Technology"/10p Technology  - Patients feel gentle heating over the skin with smooth flowing passes of 10 pulses per second of a lower fluence energy that causes a gradual thermal reconditioning shut-down of the cellular structure that causes unwanted hair to grow in the base of the follicle.    [*] Standard Hair Removal - Operators can choose from 6 different hertz rates    [*] One Pulse Lesion Removal - One Pulse mode is utilized for vascular and pigmented lesion removal.    [*] Large Spot Size - The Cheveux sports a large 10 x 14mm spot size that allows the technician to quickly cover large areas of the body.    [*] Easy To Use Delivery System - A comfortable fiber-optic delivery system of the laser energy allows for the operator to effortlessly adapt the movement of a light-weight handpiece over any anatomic location.    [*] The Cheveux Box - The narrow and portable configuration of the Cheveux allows for “uncramped” utilization in small treatment rooms and permits the laser to be easily moved around a physician’s office.    [*] Affordable - Requiring no consumables or disposables, the Cheveux is an affordable entrance or replacement laser into the hair removal market.    [/list]


Height44 in
Length 17 in
Weight110 lbs
Wavelength800 nm
Width14 in

Additional Specifications

Laser Type: AIGaAs Diode Arrays, Pulsed    Repeition Rate: Single up to 10 Hz    Fluence: 10-110 J/cm2    Cooling: Self-contained, closed cycle    Electrical Supply:    - 100-120 VAC 12 amps    - 220-240 VAC 6 amps    - 50-60 Hz

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