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The BiPAP Vision features accurate monitoring, reliable alarms, and an intuitive menu.

This versatile, simple, noninvasive ventilation system is designed with advanced technology to be accurate, reliable and easily upgradeable.                          The BiPAP Vision System offers a low cost alternate form of sub-acute therapy for patients and may eliminate the need for intubation in appropriate candidates. The integrated display screen uses easy-to-read real time graphics in waveforms or bar scale format to provide enhanced monitoring for caregivers. Auto-Trak SensitivityT, ensures optimum sensitivity despite changing breathing patterns or circuit leaks.                         [b][i]CE marked to the Medical Device Directive Caution: U.S. federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.[/i][/b]

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5 years ago
BPM out of spec
Breath rate is out of spec. Set @ 16 BPM and getting numbers from 20-50 BPM. Any ideas?Reply


6 years ago
Bipap-Vision - PM testing DCS: F04 error code
I've replaced so much on this one unit already. Every test in the manual has passed, except when i look for error codes, I get a DCS:F04 error code, the manual says replace the ICB cable, PC Board, MC board, DCS Board. I'm just swapping out used parts here, has anyone experienced this error code?Reply


8 years ago
Vision Bipap Error Code 205

I have a vision Bupap that is giving me an error code 205. I have removed the positive side and checked voltage it was 1.7V so it still had a charge. I have also taken the battery completely out and clean the solder out and re-soldered and ran tet still same error code. Is there a way to check the board to see if it is good or Bad?

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[list]      Integrated Display Screen - Integrated Display Screen displays easy-to-read real time graphics in waveform or bar scale format, providing the following measured and calculated numerical values to assist with ventilator management:      [*] IPAP             [*] Total Breath Rate             [*] Exhaled Minute Ventilation             [*] % Patient Triggered Breaths             [*] Exhaled Tidal Volume             [*] EPAP             [*] Ti/Tot             [*] Peak Inspiratory Pressure             [*] Patient or Total Leak            Modes      [*] CPAP and S/T are available for maintaining airway patency and providing pressure support ventilation.             [*] PAV * /T (Proportional Assist Ventilation/Timed mode) helps to promote improved patient comfort and enhanced patient/ventilator synchrony through independent adjustment of Volume and Flow assist based on the patients disease state.            Oxygen Control up to 100% - Allows you to blend oxygen within the unit in concentrations ranging between 21-100% without auxiliary oxygen tubing attached to the mask.      [/list]

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