Abbott Diagnostics - Cell-Dyn 3000
Manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics

Abbott Cell Dyn 3000 is an automated hematology analyzer manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics.

The two versions of Abbott Cell Dyn 3000 are Cell Dyn 3000SL System and Cell Dyn 3000CS System. The former features a separate Sample Loader Module whereas the latter one is with a built-in manual Closed Sample Aspiration Module. 
Abbott Cell Dyn 3000 has a throughput of 110 CBCs per hour and the capability to measure parameters including WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, MPV, RDW, M%, M#, G%, G#, E%, E#, L%, L#, B%, and B#. This analyzer with S150 open and 250 closed options has standard features such as closed tube sampling, RS 232 Interface, hydrodynamic focusing Leukoprotective reagent, 5 part differential, histograms and scatterplots.



10 months ago
Can not start.
Device is used, and when its arrived its not start: werw many issues with PC (was replaced mainboard, power supply, etc) and at least its displaed "Bad checsum in non-volatile RAM", also the status on embedded indicator is "6" and it does not any mechanical move. The indicator "Ready-Busy-Fault" also not lights in any way. Need any service documentation or some solution of this truble. Reply


3 years ago
necesito comprarReply
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  1. Easy to Operate - User Friendly. 
  2. VGA Color Display with full Keyboard.Patient name & comments on report. Proven accuracy and reliability. 
  3. 60 CBC's per hour maximum. 
  4. 22 Parameters. 
  5. 5 Part Differential with counts and percents. 
  6. WBC Scattergrams, RBC & PLT Histograms on screen and printed on included graphic printer. 
  7. LIS capability including histograms. 
  8. Full PC-compatible computer system with QC, Control Values, Reagent logs, Levy-Jennings charts, Westguard rules, etc. 
  9. All necessary data for compliance on-line. 
  10. Comprehensive diagnostic messages. 


Height25 in
Length 22 in
Weight265 lbs
Width45 in

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Abbott Diagnostics - Cell-Dyn 3000

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