Abbott Diagnostics - Cell-Dyn 3200
by Abbott Diagnostics

Multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories.

The CELL-DYN 3200 is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The analyzer uses optical light scatter for WBC, RBC, PLT and Reticulocyte analysis to meet the needs of today’s medium volume laboratories. The instrument offers simple operation, accurate 5 part WBC differential analysis, automated sample handling and reliability. The system combines MAPSS (Multi-Angle, Polarized Scatter Separation) technology with flow cytometry to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.

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a year ago
flow cell adjust
how do you adjust the flow cell for the differantials in a Cell Dyn 3200 Reply


  • **Available as a single tube closed sampling system or 50 position sample loader for up to 71 samples per hour. **
  • Data storage for 10,000 cycles with graphics for easy review of patient results.
  • Only 3 reagents are needed for complete CBC with 5 part differential analysis.
  • Dual angle, optical light scatter to enumerate and size platelets.
  • Accurate RBC counts and indices using 3 angles of light scatter and flow cytometry for accuracy.


Height19 in
Length 33 in
Weight232 lbs
Width23.5 in

Additional Specifications

Sample Volume: Open Mode 150 ΜL, Sample Loader 230 ΜL 
Reagents: Only 4 reagents including reticulocytes 
Platelets: Dual angle optical analysis, no extra reagent, no reflex testing requirement 
Reticulocytes: New Methylene Blue NCCLS method, supravital staining technique 
WBC: 0.02246.8 x 103/ΜL  
RBC: 0.007.50 x 106/ΜL 
HGB: 0.025.0 g/dL 
HCT: 8.3-79.8% 
MCV: 58139 fL 
RDW: 10.0-29.8% 
PLT: 0.03000 x 103/ΜL 
MPV: 4.3-17.2 fL 
RETC: 0.222.9% 
Power Requirements: VAC 100-240V, 47/63Hz 
Maximum Power : 550 watts

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