Beckman Coulter - ACL Futura
by Beckman Coulter

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A high functioning coagulation analyzer

The fully automated instrument assures you better performance in screening assays, functional and chromogenic assays, and specific factor assays. IL ACL Futura’s compact size combined with its enhanced features and capabilities such as random access, continuous sample loading, true walkaway productivity, and flexibility makes it ideally suited for use in any clinical laboratory setting. It has the ability to store up to 120 test samples in primary sampling tubes or sample cups. This system has automated positive-displacement pipetting for providing reliable test results. All dilutions for calibration or sample analysis are done automatically by the system itself. For high-throughput sampling, the instrument makes use of two pipettes. Each pipettor comes with a liquid sensor in order to adjust the system operation to meet the different liquid levels, sample sizes and containers. This instrument has 34 refrigerated reagent positions and the reagents in their own vials can be kept directly on the instrument. This instrument has state-of-the-art PC driven software which makes it appropriate for any modern lab setting. Sample analysis order and two reading stations enable conducting chromogenic and clotting analysis. A built-in quality control program with database and archiving capability along with Levey-Jennings charts are also included in the device.

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