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Coagulation Analyzer 

The Sysmex CA-560 System is a compact, fully automated in vitro diagnostic instrument capable of analyzing up to 5 coagulation parameters, simultaneously. In addition, it offers a number of functions including preferential processing of STAT samples and a built-in quality control function. Moreover, it allows analyzed data to be displayed or printed with reaction curves, thus making it possible to obtain highly reliable results.        The Sysmex® CA-500 Series is compact, fully-automated systems featuring immunologic*, coagulation and chromogenic measurements in true random access. These five-parameter coagulation analyzers are designed primarily for use in low-volume laboratories or as a backup instrument to larger Sysmex® instruments.

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-Eduardo Mc Grath
10 years ago
Vacuum Pump Error and Sampling Error Position

We have plenty all version instruments with serial number AXXX for the models CA560 with SW version 00-17. In the most of the case I do the clean procedure of the Nozzle, clean and lubricate the mechanicals parts special the Z movement.  Change the parts is not the solution (PCB, cable and Nozzle) for resolve this matter.  So I need to know is something regarding up-dates of the instruments. 



  • Clotting and chromogenic detection allow for customizable testing
  • On-board quality control (QC) package provides reliable patient results
  • Scalable menu designed for low-volume labs
  • Ease-of-use and low maintenance allow for economical testing
  • No cuvette waste facilitates efficient processing
  • Random access allows for independent operation
  • Bi-directional interface eliminates transcriptional errors 
  • Minimal consumables required with little operational waste


Height19 in
Length 19 in
Weight99 lbs
Width21 in
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