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Sysmex CA-540 Coagulation Analyzer

The Sysmex® CA-540 Coagulation Analyzer is a fully automated system in a compact body, featuring immunologic, coagulation, and chromogenic measurements in true random-access. As a result, automated D-dimer testing procedures can be carried out in any laboratory. The small footprint of the CA-540 makes each unit an ideal instrument for low-volume laboratories or as backup for larger instruments. 
Sysmex® CA-540 analyzer systems are capable of running up to 50 samples per hour. This feature provides users with the convenience of performing multiple coagulation assays in a single instrument. Sysmex CA-540 offers a wide range of solutions for laboratories of all sizes. 
The Sysmex® CA-500 Series is compact, fully-automated systems featuring immunologic*, coagulation and chromogenic measurements in true random access. These five-parameter coagulation analyzers are designed primarily for use in low-volume laboratories or as a backup instrument to larger Sysmex® instruments.

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-Elaine H
7 years ago
frequency of PM/calibration

How frequently do these have to have PM and/or calibration?

I can't find it in the user manual





-Wytec Lda
9 years ago
Screen lights up but instrument software doen't start up

When turned on Screen lights up but instrument software doen't start up



  • Smallest Footprint in its Class†   
  • Clotting and chromogenic detection allow for customizable testing   
  • On-board quality control (QC) package provides reliable patient results   
  • Scalable menu designed for low-volume labs

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