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Bladder Scanner with Printer

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a year ago
Charging Cable disconnects frequently

Does anyone have a simple solution to prevent the charging cable from falling out of the side of the scanner? I am meaning the small dc cord not the power cord. Easily the biggest problem that we see with this unit is the "battery not holding a charge" which have all been due to the cable not being attached and the staff not noticing. These are mounted on a roll stand and not removed ever so a fixed solution would probably be ok.



4 years ago
Biocon starts scanning on it's own.
We have two BioCon 700's that start scanning before the scan button is pushed. Is there a setting that needs to be changed? It seems odd that both devices have the same problem. Reply


[list]          [*] Compact and portable, the 3-D ultrasound device provides quick, safe and non-invasive measurements of bladder volume and post-void urinary retention (PVR).          [*] Real-time pre-scan helps improve accuracy, reduce improper scans and save time by viewing the bladder before performing the test.          [*] Built-in printer facilitates immediate documentation in the chart              [*] 7" TFT-LCD (WVGA) full-color touch screen    [/list]

Additional Specifications

Dimensions: 7.95"W x 2.6"L x 4"H

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