Smith and Nephew - 560 3-Chip HD Camera
by Smith and Nephew

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The defining moment in high definition has arrived

Smith & Nephew is proud to announce the all new, digital-broadcast quality 560 Series 3-CCD High Definition Camera System, producing pure HD 1080i imaging. It’s a complete end-to-end, high definition system that keeps the HD format throughout the entire video chain – including optics, camera head, CCU and monitor. And it meets the ATSC broadcast standards for HDTV?. The result is a level of image quality and color never before possible, including picture clarity that’s five times greater than the resolution of SDTV.    Native HD image data acquired by the 560 H camera is conveyed to the CCU via high speed digital interface, where the image data is processed and converted into HDTV images, which can then be displayed on HD flat panel monitors.    With Smith & Nephews's all-HD camera system, you’ll see an extremely high-resolution and virtually distortion-free image. Colors look more realistic, with greater depth-of-field due to the wider bandwidth. The 560 H High Definition Camera System provides a level of image quality never before possible.

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-Ramy Zalat
7 years ago

how we can can record in USB 



-Dr Tahir
9 years ago
smith & nephew 560p user manual

Hello Can some one help me how to change the resolution of 560p to full HD and full screen image as right now it's displaying a image in circle in the center of screen. And display a resolution of 1920 X 512 .would like take it u full HD 1920 X 1080 and full screen image .



[list]  [*] Presents anatomical color and detail previously unseen with standard definition surgical cameras  [*] Increases productivity and more confident diagnoses  [/list]

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