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If 1.5T MR technology has been just out of reach for user's practice, the Brivo MR355 will be a welcome advancement.

The Brivo MR355 1.5T is part of the GE healthymagination initiative to make advanced diagnostic technology more accessible and cost-effective. Everything about the design of the Brivo MR355 1.5T contributes to providing high quality imaging that will help users make definitive diagnoses for the patients—with the productivity and simplicity users need to make it practical.

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2 months ago
CT scanner getting error 11-1010-02 during boot sequence

Service manual: TGP did not receive neither ACK or NACK from OGP

Potential cause, FRU: OGP or TGP/OGP interface wich includes slip rings

Have someone experienced this problem? Apprecate any feedback.

The system and inhouse engineer is in Africa and I'm sitting in Sweden...

Appreciate any feedback.

/ Robert

Equipment: GE Brivo 325



3 years ago
I have a problem regarding my CT device (Dual GE)
I have this error recurrent and need to restart my CT device with each case !! Scout scan error .. Code : 20-1001-48 error detected by : OGP aperture width is out of specification on scout scan. Aperture error . Code . 20.1020.03 error detected by : OGP encoder pulse input from aperture is out of specification while setting aperture width Reply


7 years ago
Service & Maintenance
Greetings, I'm looking for support for a MRI. You can contact me by email: Regards.Reply
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  • Exceptionally affordable high-field MR technology. Efficient workflow, energy savings, and reliability can help reduce cost of ownership—without compromise
  •  8-channel RF, 33/100 gradient performance with a full 48-cm field of view (FOV). 
  •  User friendly—so your technologists can do more
  • Continuum upgrade path for economical upgradeability. Reach user's MR goals while managing MR costs. 
  •  Combining break-through simplification technology and world-class diagnostic capability, GE Healthcare’s Brivo MR355 1.5T MR system makes the diagnostic benefits of high-field MR technology easier and more accessible to clinical centers around the world.
  • The Brivo MR355 is an affordable, 1.5T MR system that could make the diagnostic power of MR technology accessible to hundreds of thousands of new patients who go without today due to distances to fully-equipped care centers, long waiting lists or unaffordable care.


Clinical UseWhole Body
Magnetic Field Strength1.5 T
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