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The Advanced model: The 2D unit which can be upgraded to 3D for future-oriented practices.

ORTHOPHOS XG 3D ready makes the ideal partner for dentists and group practices that wish to actively plan and shape their futures. Start now with 2D and upgrade to 3D at a later point in time. Take immediate advantage of the high-end programs and the diagnostic possibilities offered in the 2D area of ORTHOPHOS XG 3D ready. Automatic patient positioning with the occlusal bite block and very simple and intuitive operation using the EasyPad support the workflow in your practice. In addition, you can also use all the dose reduction options, e.g., Quickshot. 
The 3D module, which can be retrofitted with a cylindrical FoV measuring 8 x 8 cm at any time, offers increased reliability with difficult diagnoses and new possibilities in implantology in connection with CEREC.

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6 years ago
No xray

Iam facing a problem with xray system



7 years ago
Images come with lower half white

Dear Respect professionals

 Our Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D gives images with bright lower jaw section (bright as in WHITE) we called Sirona's Engineer and he calibrated the unit and claimed that the sensor is defective and should be replaced due to missuse!

The Panoramic X-ray is nearly a year old and is still under warranty and all our staf confirm that the sensor wasnt dropped or hit with anything 

The images come crystal clear sometimes and with detriorated quality at other times and sometimes  in half

Kindly advise

Best regards




7 years ago
error 3

OPG Dental Unit Sirona D 3285 giving error 3



  • 17 panoramic and 4 ceph programs 
  • Automatic patient positioning with the occlusal bite block 
  • Optional cephalometric arm 
  • Very convenient operation and stable patient positioning 
  • Motorized adjustment for height and for forehead and temple supports

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