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Optimizes Staff Communications

Seemless integration from the Responder IV nurse call system to the Responder 5 nurse call system enables Responder IV users to benefit from the advanced features of Responder 5. A single interface to SIP wireless phones provides instant voice communication between patients and caregivers on both Responder systems. The easy to use Responder 5 software interface allows caregivers to be assigned to Responder IV and Responder 5 rooms as well as to have one interface for viewing patient census, patient call activity, and nurse call reports. Centralized code blue is simply achieved with a Responder 5 console ablie to display and answer calls from both systems. Save both time and money while enjoying new capabilities by uniting Responder 5 with existing Responder IV systems.           With Responder's automatic call routing and forwarding, staff can receive calls on their wireless devices, quickly, coming directly from their patients. When the direct caregiver cannot take the call - the call is forwarded to backup caregivers until the call is answered. The result: the fastest possible delivery of patient care. With inherent network capabilities, such as centralized code blue reporting and patient call transfer to any nurse console, Responder IV provides communications solutions for the entire hospital. With the largest installed base of high-end nurse call systems, Responder IV has earned the right to be called the best nurse call system on the market.    Responder's flexibility can easily accommodate shift changes and patient-to-staff reassignments. This easily expandable, modular system grows with your facility and patients' needs. Simplified wiring and system design allows for easy installation and service. Responder IV is versatile enough to support your entire facility - throughout numerous departments, to further extend your workflow capabilities.

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3 years ago
rauland 4000
i need help, the phone doesn't starts right, it keeps displaying the software version and dipsw=00 has anyone had this problem?Reply


3 years ago
Rauland 4000
Hi mi responder device doesn't start and stays displayind the version of the software and dipsw=00 If anyone knows what can i do to solve it or if someone has a manual or guide id be really greatfullReply


3 years ago
call light
the call light keeps going off on its own. nonstop. it is bothering everyone we have switched out controllers nothing helps Reply


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