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The autoLog Autotransfusion System is a sophisticated device with an exceptionally effective design that provides autologous blood during surgical procedures. Autologous red blood cell salvage is a safe, reliable and cost-effective method of returning washed red blood cells to a patient. For clinicians and surgical teams concerned with blood conservation, autotransfusion offers a compelling tool. For certain patient populations refusing transfusion for reasons of faith or otherwise, the autoLog has played an integral role.            The autoLog Autotransfusion System processes blood collected from a surgical site to produce washed red blood cells for return to a patient at a later time. This is achieved with only one kit and one program. An innovative bowl design, coupled with sophisticated software, provides an effective combination for autotransfusion procedures.

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-Louise Cusick
2 years ago
Salvaged blood frothing and clotting filter Reply


4 years ago
Medtronic Autolog
how to lower the beeping volumeReply


-Brian Hincy
10 years ago
service information

I am looking for any service information or training other than the mauf. I f anyone has any information it will be greatly appreciated. Thank You




[list]        2-Stage Filling Cycle                [i]Initial stage[/i]        [*] First FILL at 600 mL/min        [*] Pump momentarily stops at initial detection of red cells                [i]Final stage[/i]        [*] Second FILL at 250 mL/min initiated after red cells settle        [*] Red cells packed as tightly as possible                Variable-speed wash cycle        [*] Level sensor monitors red cell pack        [*] Software controls pump "pulsations" of saline into the bowl        [*] Minimizes red cell spillage        [*] Only 250 mL of saline required for effective washout of extraneous materials        [/list]

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