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Cobe Brat 2 Autologous Blood Recovery System Featuring Performance, Speed, Versatility, and Quality Processing.

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8 years ago
Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting

I have a BRAT 2. When I turn it on and hit "new case", I then proceed to turn the vacuum pump on. It just makes one noise like it is rejecting it and nothing comes on, no LED or anything. What could be the issue? Thanks!



10 years ago
Service Manual

Does anyone have a copy of the Service Manual to the Brat 2?



11 years ago
Cobe Brat2 training

Do you know of anyone providing training on the Cobe Brat 2?

Could you let me know?



[list]      [*] Dedicated processing keys to start processing quickly and easily      [*] Built-in reservoir holder eliminates the need for additional holder      [*] Flat, clear lid with safety lock provides visibility of the bowl and a flat writing surface      [*] Smaller profile fits well in any size operating room      [*] Storage area for additional supplies      [*] Three position wheel locking mechanism maximizes mobility      [*] Easy to load disposables snap correctly into place without hassle      [*] Automatic re-pack feature removes excessive plasma free hemoglobin and ensures proper bowl filling      [*] Patented Baylor Bowl provides a high hematocrit and fast processing.       [/list]

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