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Gen4 Pillow Speaker from Curbell Medical

Gen4 pillow speakers are more than a new platform for the future. They’re a new way of thinking. With more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing the most popular pillow speakers in the world as our foundation, we started from the ground up, combining the best features of our previous pillow speakers, suggestions from customers, and new materials and techniques to make Gen4 a step ahead of anything else in the nurse call industry.

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-Jim Walker
3 years ago
How to reprogram without "sleep" button
I am needing to reprogram some Sonifi-branded Curbell Gen4 pillow speakers... The directions say to hold down "sleep" and "mute" for two seconds to enter programming mode. But, the pillow speaker model we have doesn't have a "sleep" button. Anyone know what to press to program?Reply


8 years ago
gen 4 pillow speaker overlay

do they have different colors besides gray/tan



[list]    [*] Large buttons are easy to find and press    [*] Intuitive button layout like home remote controls    [*] Superior Sound Quality    [*] DirectAccess 0-9 keypad enables direct navigation to specific channels and provides familiar home remote features such as previous channel and mute.    [*] Comfort-grip Case is streamlined and lightweight    [/list]

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