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Heart-Lung Bypass Unit 

The C5® includes many of the same performance and safety features of the S5™, but with a smaller footprint and improved ergonomic design. The smaller outer dimensions permit its use in very small ORs. The C5 demonstrates the best characteristics of extra corporeal perfusion system manufacturing and design. It renders excellent ergonomics and the user and boasts the same excellent user interface, state of the art technology as its pedigree - the S5 perfusion system. The C5 is extremely maneuverable, compact and lightweight. Its surfaces are easy to clean and sealed and its robust housing is made of brushed stainless steel. The C5 ships with an infusion rack with 2 vertical infusion masks, 4 lockable and steerable castors, 1 cable channel and a horizontal system panel.

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3 years ago
I need user manual
How do we calculate how much cardioplegia is deliveredReply


  • Easily-accessible control elements and design which allow for operation closer to the system.
  • A sophisticated yet intuitive user interface which can be quickly configured to accommodate all contexts. 
  • An upgradeable design which can be expanded with a complete line of performance - and safety-enhancing accessories, ensuring the C5 will remain state of the art for many years to come.   [/list]

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