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Ultrasound scanner that provides 2D, 3D, color and pulsed wave Doppler, and 4D imaging.

The gold standard in volume imaging for ultrasound. The ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system introduces a paradigm in cardiac imaging and workflow, transforming your echocardiography practice and giving users the power to see more — instantly.

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4 months ago
Service Manual

Service Manual 

Equipment: Acuson S2000



6 months ago
Siemens Acuson S2000 + ABVS

Hello. We have a Siemens Acuson S2000 device (2011) and a modular  for it ABVS (2016).

Connection, detection and installation of software proceeded as usual. The system module sees, the sensor also detects the fabric and there is an image strip.

But when you try to press the button to start the examination, the sensor in the box only slightly twitches left and right, freezes and the program displays the error: “A System error occurred. Imaging has been disabled...”

And it must go through a full cycle from left to right.

It was tested before purchase and everything worked.

When the module is turned on, the system should also test itself by running the sensor along the entire line, but it also twitches slightly and freezes. No physical interference was detected - the sensor moves easily in both directions manually. We also checked the motor separately, connecting it to a laptop - it is working.

We need a specialist to help figure it out.

There is a suspicion that the software in the system (2011) is outdated and is not compatible with the ABVS (2016)

Please tell me what we can do?



a year ago
Fan speed
Hello, when we turn this system on the fans are in slow speed. Over the next two minutes the fans are running at high speed. The department is complaining about the noise. We cleaned everything and checked fans. Siemens had indicated the thermistor on the main board. Anyone else had this issue. Can the speed be controlled in software?Reply
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  • Auto Left Ventricular Package for LV quantification consists of automated reference plane extraction from the cardiac volume dataset and automated volume contouring of ejection fraction.
  • Auto Reference Plane Extraction automatically generates and displays images corresponding to standard 2D views or planes from a volume dataset in the Left Ventricular Analysis (LVA) application and Rapid Stress volume stress echo application improving efficiency and consistency.  
  • Auto Volume Contouring (within the LVA application) automatically traces the endocardial borders of multiple reference planes and calculates standard measurements eliminating manual tracing. 
  • Streamlined natural and extended reach zones puts frequently used controls at user fingertips and enables quick access to peripheral devices, recordable media and transducer connectors. The control panel is designed for motor-memory learning.
  • Configurable desk format with 90 degree side-to-side positioning enhances user comfort and proximity to patient.
  • Flexible articulating arm and high-resolution 20.1-inch wide screen flat-panel display for optimal monitor placement and enhanced image quality in all lighting situations.
  • Ergonomic 4Z1c volume imaging transducer features a patented Palmar grip with an elastomeric gripping surface to facilitate a positive hand grip while scanning. To further enhance user efficiency, the syngo SC2000 Workplace workstation enables complete review and processing of the acquired volumes — freeing the ultrasound system for acquisition.


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsAnesthesia
Imaging Capabilities2D/3D/4D
Color-flow Mapping1
Doppler Modes3-D, Color, Continuous wave (CW), Pulsed wave (PW)
Image Display19 in Color Flat Panel
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