Siemens - Acuson Sequoia C512
by Siemens


The ACUSON Sequoia echocardiography system provides the most advanced imaging and clinical applications across ultrasound specialties. 

The Sequoia system provides superior imaging for every patient, with Native Patient Specific Imaging. Native TEQ ultrasound technology ensures consistent image quality while reducing operator workload. The ergonomic articulating arm and flat panel display reduces glare in all working environments, enhances operator comfort, and folds down for easier system transport.The Sequoia system’s legendary upgradeability and longevity ensures that user investment is protected for years to come.

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3 days ago
Disable Network Error Message on Startup
We have a C512 that has been removed from the network and network settings reset. This machine will no longer be permitted on a network at the new location where it is going in LMIC. The machine works but the Doctors using it won't like the network configuration error on startup to press OK. How do we disable whatever network enabled settings that are causing this to show the message? Reply


2 months ago
Networking issue Acuson Sequoia C512
I am have a client that has one of these that I setup previously that had the PerpPC and USR switch that I got working to his PACs server. He has bought another one for another office and would like it setup on the network to dump to his PACs server. I noticed this one does not have the PC or USR switch. When I try to connect the ethernet port in the back of the machine it shows to link lights to the switch it is plugged into. I have tried connecting it to my laptop with a crossover cable and get the same thing. Laptop says it is disconnected. It seems to me that maybe that network port is disabled? Or? Any ideas would be appreciated.Reply


5 months ago
Siemens c512
Need help with my Siemens c512. Can somebody help please? You can reach me on Thanks a lot Reply
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  • Coherent Image Formation
  • Coherent Pulse Formation with integrated programmable waveform generator 
  • Chirp Coded Excitation
  • MICROSON high resolution imaging
  • Cadence contrast pulse sequencing technology (CPS)
  • Proprietary transducer miniaturization technology with innovative acoustic response
  • Expanded bandwidth utilization


Cart Based1
Clinical ApplicationsAnesthesia
Color-flow Mapping1
Doppler ModesColor, Continuous wave (CW), Pulsed wave (PW)
Height148 cm
Image Display17 in Color Flat Panel
Imaging Capabilities2D/3D
Length 123 cm
Weight4.06 lbs
Width66 cm
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