Thermo Scientific - Harvey Sterilemax
by Thermo Scientific

Steam Sterilizer

This table-top steam sterilizer features a 12" diameter x 18" deep chamber area and easy programming to provide excellent value for your investment. No special plumbing or electrical service is required. Add water, plug it in and the unit is ready. The 1.2 cu. ft. chamber capacity is 17% larger than traditional table top units. Chamber door has three locks for safety, and will not open until chamber is depressurized. Four pre-set cycle programs. Custom programs can be entered.

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-I can fix it
4 days ago
Need part supplier
Where can we buy parts for this equipment that will ship to Canada? Thanks!Reply


a month ago
No pressure reading, but unit does reach required temperature.
Hi, I have a Sterilemax autoclave that I'm trying to get working again. The unit will run a cycle and get up to temperature but will not give a pressure reading. It never goes above 0, however the chamber is hot and I believe it is pressurized to some extent. After looking at the diagram I think it may be the pressure transducer but I'm hoping someone with a bit of experience may be able to help me do some trouble shooting. Any info would be much appreciated! Reply


5 months ago
Replacement Large/Small trays
Having an issue finding some trays any suggestions for a good source?Reply


Chamber Depth18 in
Chamber Volume1.2 cu. ft.
Power Requirements120 VAC
Height24.5 in
Length 17 in
Width23 in
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