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No one doubts that 2 plus 2 equals 4. You can expect that kind of sensible logic when you add the ARCHITECT c16000 to the ARCHITECT i2000SR to create the ARCHITECT ci16200 Integrated System. Every detail in the ARCHITECT ci16200 has been designed to handle high-volume, complex workloads with consistent quality, STAT processing, and ease of use.                        [b]For [i]in vitro[/i] diagnostic use only.[/b]

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[list]  [*] Seamless transfer from system to system                  [*] Equivalent results across all ARCHITECT c Systems and i Systems                  [*] Identical technology, reagents and assay protocols                  [*] Identical software that is intuitive to operate                  [*] Universal ARCHITECT sample carrier  [*] A unique approach to consolidation                  [*] SmartWash™ technology ensures no clinically significant sample tube to tube carryover (less than 0.1 ppm)                  [*] Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) eliminates bottlenecks and prioritizes urgent requests                  [*] Immediate STAT processing for fast and consistent turnaround time                  [*] Up to 90 refrigerated reagent positions plus patented ISE (Na+, K+, and Cl-)                  [*] 365 sample load capacity including 35 priority positions                  [*] Continuous sample access                  [*] Throughput of up to 1,800 clinical chemistry and up to 200 immunoassay tests per hour  [*] The latest in immunochemistry technology                  [*] CHEMIFLEX™ technology delivers flexible assay protocols with superior detection and extended linear ranges                  [*] Integrated Chip Technology (ICT) delivers ISE (Na+, K+, and Cl-) analysis with minimal maintenance, low sample volume (15 uL), and within run precision 1% or less                  [*] Liquid level sensing combined with pressure differential technology for enhanced bubble and clot detection                  [/list]


Height48 in
Sample Capacity365
Throughput1800 tests/hour
Length 49 in
Weight1545 lbs
Sample TypesSerum, Plasma, Urine, CSF
Sample Volume1 to 35 µL
Reaction MethodPotentiometric
Width79 in

Additional Specifications

[list]            Sample Tubes:             > Height: 72-102 mm             > Diameter 9.6 - 16.1 mm            Sample Result Storage: 50,000            Reagent Type: >95% Liquid ready-to-use            Water Requirements: Deionized Water; ?54 liters/hour            [/list]

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