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The ARCHITECT i1000SR analyzer is the newest immunoassay member of the ARCHITECT Family of Instruments, sharing all the proven benefits of other members of the Family.

The ARCHITECT i1000SR is uniquely designed for lower - mid volume laboratories and for integration with the c4000 chemistry analyzer. The i1000SR offers labs the agility to free them from their everyday workload issues.

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a year ago
Barcode Issue
My Architect will not read any barcodes during operation. As a result only manual entry is done. Is there a setting to use for barcode mode.

Equipment: Architect i1000SR



-Muhammad Salar Mughal
a year ago
Step loss detected on, reagent carousel motorReply


2 years ago
machine not going to running
error message vaccumpressure too0 low comming when you try to put the machine in runningReply


Streamlined workload management

  • Continuous access to reagents, samples and supplies
  • 65 sample load capacity 
  • 25 refrigerated reagent positions
  • Reagents stable on board for up to 30 days (tracked in hours)
  • Testing handled with ease

Fewer workload pauses

  • Simple and easy to use system with intuitive ARCHITECT software
  • Low maintenance (10 minutes/day)

STATs prioritized fast

  • Immediate and consistent STAT processing with turnaround time of 15.6 minutes on STAT assays 
  • Automatically runs priority tests first with up to 7 customizable priority bays or 35 
  • STAT positions

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