ZEISS - OPMI Pentero

Carl Zeiss has created something unique: an ingenious simplification of complexity.

The surgical microscope OPMI Pentero for neurosurgery, ENT and spine surgery uniquely combines solutions for basic requirements with a variety of additional benefits: intra-operative fluorescence, integration of the entire digital video chain, integration of the surgical microscope into the hospital's information and communication infrastructure and user-friendly solutions for OR staff.

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a year ago
Blurry screen

Hi all, how can a sudden blurry image on the touchscreen be fixed?
The surgeon's view is working fIne. 



-Juan Arellano
a year ago
Xenon lamp container
Dear all Some one know how to reset the USB stick in the lamp container ? To back 500 hours. Many thanks. Reply


5 years ago
Pentero 900 & Clasic MFG PM procedure/Service manual

Hi all, I have looked into the Zeiss Pentero Biomed training for PM's. As of now they only offer the 1'st level of basic PM's for the Pentero Line of scopes. I'v heard there are further training levels 2,3,4 for their own FSE's.

  I am looking to obtain some MFG reference material (PM procedure) / Service documenetation for these scopes ( 900/Clasic).  The cost of the biomed course has been lowered and is now $6k for the course but they dont tell you at first that you also have to purchase $13k in special service tools to perform the PM's. Total Biomed training cost to perform PM's $19k + I'm sure they reccomend parts replacements for $xxx

Does anyone have the service password to clear the 1000hr service reminder counter ?


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Better Biomed: Zeiss Pentero Microscope Bulb Errors


  • Automated functions such as AutoBalance and AutoDrape
  • Image-guided surgery with MultiVision data injection
  • Integrated digital visualization, optionally with integrated high definition (HD) camera head 
  • DICOM networking capabilities
  • Touchscreen operation


Weight325 kg

Additional Specifications

Rated Voltage   
115 V AC (100 - 125 V AC)   
230 V AC (230 - 240 V AC)   
Current consumption   
115 V AC max. 12 A   
230 V AC max. 6 A   
Rated Frequency   
50 Hz  60 Hz

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