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Apollo DRF goes beyond the separation between radiography and fluoroscopy.

The innovative Dynamic Flat Panel Detector operates as a full digital modality for both high resolution radiography and high frame rate fluoroscopy. The Trixell Pixium RF4343 dynamic detector delivers up to 30 frames per second for fluoro procedures. For general radiography, the detector delivers the same image quality of the widely used detectors for DR applications. The use of one single detector for both fluoroscopy and radiography offers an unparalleled range of applications that includes all the most common general radiographic procedures, GI studies, tomography and vascular studies. Exams can be taken on the table with source to image distance up to 180cm - 71”.

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3 years ago
Configuring Apollo DRF Generator after changing battery
Please who has a manual on how I can configure the generator of an apollo DRF fluoroscopy machine. brand is Villa systemi with GEN NVRAM ERROR and COMM ERROR? I changed the battery because it was initially showing GEN BATT ERROR. PLEASE I NEED HELP ASAP Reply


12 years ago
the problem is that in the panel control say "080 emergency error " and is bloked all. tanks.Reply


13 years ago
Service Training
Does anyone know of a source to get service training on a Villa Sistemi ApolloReply


  • Table can be lowered down to 60cm - 23”
  • The AGS function - Auto Grid Selection -automatically selects one of two grids to match the SID.
  • The footrest doubles as a patient seat


Source to Image Distance71 in
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