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Examination light with LED technology

For treatment and examination, the CHROMOPHARE® F 300 provides an allround solution for all emergency room, anaesthetic room and most other investigative clinical environments.        [b]Optimal lighting[/b]    The F 300 employs highly developed optics, based on the principle of total internal reflection with an integrated Fresnel structure. This optimally directed light provides the user with a large homogenous 16 cm diameter field of light, with an excellent depth of illumination. Absence of shadows, reflections and glare ensure safe working.        [b]Ideal colour reproduction[/b]    With a colour temperature of 4,500 K, the CHROMOPHARE® F 300 provides ‘natural white‘ light. This is both comfortable to the eye of the surgeon and allows best tissue definition.        [b]Efficiency and power consumption[/b]    Use of the latest generation 30 watt high perfor- mance LEDs achieves high light output with minimum power requirement. Together with lifetime of at least 30,000 hours the F 300 significantly reduces running costs.

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-Hayden W
a month ago
F300 lights flashing

All 7 LED's flash intermittently when in fact they should be on solid. Turn power off at controls or from wall the lights stop flashing. Approximately 1 day every month the lights will work as normal. Could this be the LED driver or controller.? Any thoughts, as I need to source parts. Thanks. 



4 years ago
How to turn off
The three outer lights on the Chromophare f300 will not turn off. How can I turn them off?Reply


5 years ago
Dimmer switch
Is there a replacement dimmer switch, light not working, and dimmer is flashingReply


Bulb Life30000 hr
Depth of Field130 cm
Color Temperature4500 K
Lighthead Diameter33 cm
Field Diameter16 cm
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