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Overtable fluoroscopy system for universal applications.

AXIOM Iconos R100 offers users an impressive array of options for fluoroscopy: images of uncompromising quality at the lowest possible dose, outstanding ergonomics, universal application, and the optimal integration of all components. Thanks to its modular design, users can tailor the universal overtable fluoroscopy system to fit users' budget and customize it to meet the needs of users' own department. It is the Siemens concept for improved efficiency and optimized workflow and the solution to the increasing demands and rising costs in healthcare. 

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a year ago
error 261/32
When the tube column is moving it stops suddenly and the display shows the error 261/32, we do not have the error description, please help

Equipment: iconos r100



a year ago
error 714/80, error 711/80
Is there any troubleshooting tips regarding this errors. Can anyone please send me a service manual for this machine please. thank you

Equipment: Siemens - AXIOM Iconos R100



a year ago
Error 007/034

Bonjour J'ai un problème avec le SIEMENS x-ray Iconos r100 et j'aimerais obtenir le manuel de service ou de l'aide pour résoudre les prochaines erreurs

(err 007/034 Dispositivo bloqueado des/con) et

(err 222/034 Girar emisor rayos xa posicion 0 Deg)

(err 376/033 Radiacion bloqueada des/con.)

(se tromper

Equipment: Siemens iconos r100



  • Strong components for brilliant images – optimum image quality allows for faster, accurate diagnoses 
  • Ergonomic and comfortable –   with intuitive operating concepts for increased efficiency
  • Optimal integration   integration of high-tech components
  • Reduced radiation dose –   with virtually no compromise in image quality  
  • The four main pillars of the total AXIOM R100 concept are: outstanding image quality, easy handling, maximum radiation protection and optimal connectivity, all with a single goal in mind: to optimize workflow.

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