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Portable electronic tourniquet systems 

Available in both single and twin system configurations, fully independent twin channels are color-coded for optimal safety during simultaneous bilateral limb surgeries and IVRA (Bier Block) procedures.        The PTS ii Portable Tourniquet System is ideal for use with Delfis unique Vari Fit Contour Cuffs or Pedi Fit Pediatric Cuffs, and is compatible with standard single port tourniquet cuffs.

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3 years ago
Manual de Servicio Delfi PTS ii
Al encender presenta en pantalla error de sistema (E0007)Reply


4 years ago
Hi, How can i buy Delfi May I have a price quotation for: - PTS Personalized Tourniquet System for Blood Flow Restriction - Small Adult Tourniquets - Matching Limb Protection Sleeves - shipping fees for all these items to Malaysia Thanks. Best,Reply


10 years ago
Help with a delfi pts ii portable tourniquet System Error (E0007)

I have a Delfi PTS ii portable tourniquet and when i power it on it displays an System Error (E0007)

Thanks! For your help!



Delfi PTS ii Advanced Leak Detection


  • Two-in-One Solution
    Independent instruments provide flexibility and cost savings to facilities with multiple OR’s, by allowing twin systems to be separated and used as two single units. For IVRA procedures, simply bring unis back together.
  • Intelligent Touch
    Intuitive user interface simplifies key tourniquet parameters and user training.
  • Personalized Pressure Limits
    Limits normal maximum pressure to 475 mmHg, and allows selection of extended pressure of up to 600 mmHg if required for individual patients.
  • Advanced Leak Detection During Surgery
    Monitors the tourniquet cuff, tubing and connectors for air leaks during surgery, and safely alerts staff to hazards.
  • Speed
    Reduces set-up and inflates a typical 34" thigh cuff in less than 5 seconds.
  • Integrated Tourniquet Cuff Testing 
    Enables cuff testing before or after surgery as recommended in current AORN Standards and Recommended Practices.
  • Advanced Safety Features
    Intuitive time and pressure safety alarms; unique self-test and calibration test; visible displays of pressure and time.
  • Greatest Battery Life
    Up to 10 hours of operation with tested cuffs.
  • Connectivity
    Allows easy integration with OR information networks.


Height7 in
Length 4.3 in
Weight38 oz
Width4.7 in

Additional Specifications

  • Height:180 mm (7.0 inches)
  • Width: 120 mm (4.7 inches)
  • Depth: 110 mm (4.3 inches)
  • Weight: 1.263 kg (44.5.0 oz)
  • Cuff Pressure Range: 50 – 475 mmHg, adjustable in 5 mmHg increments, automatically regulated to within +/- 10 mmHg of the selected pressure
  • Extended Pressure Range: 475 – 600 mmHg
  • Time Alarm Range: 0-240 minutes, adjustable in 5 minute increments
  • Inflation Speed: inflates a typical 34″ý thigh cuff within 5 seconds
  • Integrated Tourniquet Cuff Testing: 30 seconds

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