Stille-Sonesta - Electrical Tourniquet
by Stille-Sonesta

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Tourniquet System

Stille's Tourniquet is renowned for its efficacy in surgery that requires halting the circulation.

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  • Safety valve automatically engages if AC current is interrupted. 
  • Computerized memory. 
  • The micro processor monitors and gives alarm, both by audible and visual indicators, for possible hazardous conditions for the patient. 
  • Alarms include low pressure, leaks, kinks, elapsed time and start-up checks. 
  • Fast inflation time. 
  • Designed to operate as either a single or double cuff system used with double cuff valve, IVRA (Bier’s block). 


Weight2.3 kg

Additional Specifications

  • Cuff Pressure Regulation
  • Adjustable 90 to 550 mmHg +/- 8 mmHg
  • Elapsed Timer
  • Maximum time 2 hours 59 minutes.
  • Maximum time and alarm time can be customized.

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