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Centrifugal Pump

The Model 550 Bio-Console® Pump Speed Controller offers control and monitoring for the Bio-Pump® Centrifugal Blood Pump. Ergonomic design features uncluttered control panel and highly visible graphics Compatible with most heart-lung consoles RPM control knob alerts operator that a low-flow condition is approaching.

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4 years ago
Instruction for Replacing battery
How to replace the battery in Medicus 550? Please share the instructions.Reply


-Harnish Shah
5 years ago
Bio Pump
I am looking for Bio Pump BP-80. Please let me know if some one knows where to find it. Reply


8 years ago
Operating and Service Manual Biomedicus 550/560

We require Biomedicus 550/560 user and service manuals.





[list]      [*] Analog and Digital displays for flow and RPM      [*] Color LCD display for greater ease of use      [*] Now with TWO pressure measurement capabilities      [*] New distinctive user choices for alerts/alarms      [*] Updated flow control knob for enhanced ergonomics      [*] Remote capability for convenient LCD/flow controller placement      [*] Unique base unit display offers redundancy for peace of mind      [*] Updated battery charge status display      [*] Updated electronic architecture provides a bright future for new functional enhancements      [/list]


Weight40 lbs
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