Drucker Diagnostics - 642VFD
by Drucker Diagnostics

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Continuous-duty, electronically-controlled horizontal centrifuge with a lid safety interlock system.

The unit is controlled by an electronic push–button timer that has been preset for ten (10) minutes, for precise spin times and ease of use. Samples can be safely viewed through the transparent lid. Entry into the machine is restricted during operation by the safety interlock system. The 642VFD features a lighted control panel that displays the status of the machine, easily viewable from a distance. A wide variety of optional accessories are available to customize your centrifuge.

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[list]            [*] Swing–out horizontal rotor design (patent-pending), incorporating a unique test tube holder that produces horizontally separated samples while requiring no additional parts      [*] Cool–Flow air flow design that prevents overheating of samples      [*] Heavy gauge steel construction for safety and durability      [*] Lid safety switch that prevents the centrifuge from operating unless the lid is closed and latched  [*] Removable rotor for easy cleaning      [*] Locking lid that allows entry into the centrifuge only after the rotor has completely stopped      [*] Brushless permanent split capacitor AC motor      [*] Clear lid for safe observation of samples and optical calibration of speed      [*] Electronically controlled timed operation      [*] Push-button operation      [/list]


Weight18.5 lbs
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