Drucker Diagnostics - 842HS
by Drucker Diagnostics

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Control over almost every aspect of the unit's operation from variable acceleration and deceleration to easy time and speed input.

High speed and force capability greatly reduce processing times. The exclusive Drucker microhematocrit rotor allows for quick and easy sample loading of hematocrit and standard microtubes. Save settings in one of 10 memory locations and recall them at the touch of a button. A wide variety of optional accessories are available to customize your centrifuge.

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  • 10 program storage       
  • 16-place, 75mm Hematocrit tube       
  • 16-place, 1.5mL Microtubes       
  • Digital Speed/Timer control


Height8 in
Length 13.5 in
Weight27 lbs
Width11 in

Additional Specifications

    Min Acceleration Time: 70 seconds   
    Min Deceleration Time: 80 seconds   
    Time: Electronic, 0-99 minutes   
    Power Requirements: 200 Watts   
    Voltage Requirements: 115 / 230 Volts   
    Frequency Requirements: 50 / 60 Hertz   
    Protection Breaker: 4 Amp. Re-set   

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