Adani - PulmoScan 08
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Chest Digital Radiography System

PULMOSCAN is intended to produce high quality digital radiographic chest imaging for the purpose of screening and diagnostic chest radiography.Designed specifically to to perform early diagnostics of the diseases of the thorax organs including tuberculosis, cancer and other.

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  • The main advantages of slot-scan chest radiography are the speed at which chest imaging can be acquired and interpreted, the low cost and the low radiation exposure  
  • Reduced radiation dosage.  
  • Digital radiography achieved comparable image quality with conventional film radiography with 50-70 percent radiation dosage reduction  
  • Increase image quality.  
  • Increase image throughput.  
  • Ease handling.  
  • Facilitation of the development of teleradiology networks.


X-ray Generator Power Rating50 Kw

Additional Specifications

X-ray image receiver  
Maximum image size: 41 cm x 41 cm  
Image format: 2560 pixels x 2560 pixels  
Image pixel size: 160 µm  
Spatial resolution: 3.0 lp/mm  
Contrast resolution: 1.2 %

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