Sorvall - RC-5C
Manufactured by Sorvall

Superspeed Centrifuge.

The RC-5C Plus offers simplicity of operation and durability for intensive use. User-friendly controls make set-up simple even for inexperienced users, speeding up parameter setting and reducing errors. The industry’s widest rotor range spanning fixed angle, swinging bucket, vertical, microtube, zonal, and continuous flow types means unrivalled levels of superspeed versatility.

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2 years ago
fault 7



-nine alpha
3 years ago
Sorvall RC-5C doesn't get up to speed

We have a Sorvall RC-5C that was in need of replacement brushes. Eventually the machine threw a fault 4 and wouldn't start. After replacing the brushes and resetting the machine, it ran fine for a few days until I noticed the machine could only reach ~11,000 RPM with an SS-34 rotor. I found one thread where a user suggested resetting the brush circuit breakers, however, I have been unable to locate them behind the front cover (post #21 I assume these are the breaker switches (  As for additional information, this particular board ( shows a number of solid red LEDs as the machine runs, however the LED for the motor is flashing while doing so. Thanks in advance for any help.



-Tom Holm
3 years ago
Errors 8 & 9 Refrigeration Issues

Receiving Error Codes 8 & 9 on Sorvall RC-5C centrifuge. Currently, compressor cycles on and off. Will not stay on and provides error codes. Sometimes 8, sometimes 9. We checked refrigeration coolent  level and added some coolent. It was a little low. It is cooling OK when we are able to get compressor to run long enough.  Did not fix problem. Don't have the service manual.

Question: How to test the temperature sensors? Both the air and chamber wall.

Question: How to determine if its the refrigeration circuit board? If circuit board, is it typically the relay or resistor?






  • RCF mode for g force calculation
  • Microprocessor control
  • LED display of operating status