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Spacelabs 90369 Patient Monitor

Spacelabs 90369 UltraView Patient Monitor

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6 years ago
Spacelabs 90369 Not completing diagnostics
Sorry not a biomed person here so pardon the kid speak, but we have a spacelabs 90369 patient monitor that we power up and it runs system diagostics but never completes to get to the main screen. If you shut it down and turn it back on 2-3 times it will finish. We have attempted to leave it on overnight to see if it would ever complete and after 12 hours it hasn't. Has anyone had experience with this happening? and how did you fix it? Reply


8 years ago
Language swap

Can this be changed back from German to English?



10 years ago
Spacelabs monitor 90369

I am working on a medical mission and have a Spacelabs monitor that powers on and the self diagnostic screen comes up for 30 seconds and then the monitor screen blanks out and this cylcle repeats itself but with selftest screen blinking on quickly and shutting off coming, only a blank screen.

Where do i go from here.

please write me at

thank you all

scott winokur

Luz Fund

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[list]          [*] Touchscreen with the exception of power (ON/OFF), all controls are on-screen touchkeys; touch is sensed by infrared optical devices; optional controls include mouse and keyboard          [*] Waveform capacity four, five, or six waveforms          [*] Module capacity 90369 accepts one Ultraview or PCMS module internally and will support up to two additional modules using the 90499 module housing          [*] Parameter capacity 18 parameters utilizing Ultraview and PCMS modules as well as Flexport interfaces          [*] Trends 24 hours of trend data can be displayed          [*] Graphic 1-, 2-, 6-,12- or 24-hour segments; data is stored in 1-minute resolutions (6-hour segment is the default)          [*] Tabular Time increments of 1, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes; 1, 1.5 or 3 hours (1 hour is the default)          [*] Remote View/Alarm Watch when equipped with the Ethernet option, the 1050 provides a waveform display from a remote bedside or telemetry patient on the Ultraview network either on request (Remote View) and/or in response to an alarm (Alarm Watch); the 1050 provides a waveform display from up to 32 selected beds; an Ultraview bedside monitor can be remotely viewed by up to 16 network devices simultaneously (e.g., monitors, workstations)          [/list]

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