Sotera Wireless - Visi Mobile
Manufactured by Sotera Wireless

The ViSi Mobile System is able to continuously measure and display all vital signs.

The ViSi Mobile System is able to continuously measure and display all vital signs (ECG, Heart/Pulse Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure (cuff-based and now also cuffless on a beat-to-beat basis), Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature) with monitoring accuracy and resolution typically found in ICUs. In addition to the color touchscreen display on the patient-worn device, platforms such as desktop or tablet PCs can be utilized as remote viewing and notification devices. ViSi Mobile is able to wirelessly transmit data, leveraging existing hospital WiFi infrastructure, and is designed to provide information output in electronic form (i.e. EMR connectivity) as well as print-outs. In the future, the ViSi Mobile System will also include Sotera’s patient Posture / Motion as a “new vital sign."

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Visi Mobile


  • Helps to avoid expensive, preventable adverse events             
  • Allows to keep patients in lower cost beds (e.g. out of the ICU)             
  • Enables more efficient use of clinician time-elevates level of practice and avoids human error in measuring, documenting, and interpreting vital signs             
  • Reduces disturbing the patient for routine cuff-based blood pressure checks and allows for restful sleep             
  • Highly effective alarm management system

    Temperature Range32 to 67.9 °F
    Power Requirements100-240 VAC
    SpO2 Range20-100%
    Pulse Rate Range25-240 BPM
    Height1 in
    Length 3.7 in
    Weight3.9 lbs
    Width1.9 in

    Additional Specifications

  • Monitor / Display         
    OLED, 160 x 128 pixels, full color, capacitive touch screen         
  • Waveforms         
    One waveform, user selectable (ECG, Pleth, Resp)         
  • Battery         
    Battery Type Li-Ion, 3.7 V., 2000 mAh, single cell Operating Time 12-24 hours (depending on use profile)         
  • Charge Time Less than 4 hours         
  • Liquid Ingress Rating: IPX7
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