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General-purpose flat-panel DR system

The CXDI-40EG Digital Radiography system has a large 17 inch x 17 inch imaging area that flexibly accommodates both large and small format anatomical views, in portrait or landscape orientation, without having to rotate the detector unit.Versatile and economical, the Canon CXDI-40EG’s compact, lightweight design is ideal for upgrading existing radiography suites with digital imaging capabilities or can be retrofit to an upright stand, universal stand, or imaging table.

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-Onan Gonzalez
12 years ago
Canon CXDI-40EG

Good afternoon, I would like know if it system is compatible with all film printers (AGFA,KODAK,FUJI, KONICA and others) and film formats that I can use(8x10,10x12,30x40,14x14 and 14x17(sizes)). TWill the system software let me edit and paste 2,3 and 4 images or studies in one 14x17 format?



13 years ago
canon cxdi-40eg
i want to connect power box cxdi-40eg by canon bg7-2929 which have rj45 port connection by switch hup to canon pc cxdi-c3s which software already installed but network not detect power box my question if there default ip for power box which must pc in same range?Reply


Immediate Results   An on-screen preview image is available in just 3-5 seconds after exposure.The streamlined procedure eliminates film development, cassette replacement, and other process steps. A monitor (not included) can be added for viewing high-resolution images in the emergency department or radiography suite.      Enhanced Productivity and Program Imaging Mode   Program Imaging Mode for Canon CXDI Digital Radiography control software with DICOM Modality Worklist assists in optimizing workflow in the imaging suite. This high performance solution utilizes the Procedure Code ID from the RIS to configure the exam on the CXDI Digital Radiography system.      LANMIX MLT(S) Image Processing   In addition to Canon’s advanced noise reduction processing, MLT(S) image processing utilizes the multiple frequencies within the image data to emphasize edges and display appropriate dynamic range.Images of extremities, for example, show the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue in high diagnostic accuracy.This process can be preset for repeatability as well as adjusted post-acquisition for variances in diagnostic requirements.      Canon’s LANMIT   Technology   Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Flat Panel Sensor (LANMIT®) consists of a precision amorphous silicon metal-insulator semiconductor (MIS) sensor and Thin Film Transistor (TFT) array.LANMIT® flat panel sensors produce a highly stable output signal.The result is a family of reliable and durable sensors that provide the highest quality images without the time and costs involved with film or cassette handling.A 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion process converts the raw image to digital form producing a high-resolution, high-contrast 4,096 grayscale image.      Seamless Network Integration   Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T connectivity with DICOM 3.0 compatibility enables seamless data transfer to any DICOM hard copy output device, PACS, or HIS/RIS for efficient printing, archiving, and remote viewing of images. The system complies with IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) standards for interoperability to ensure easy, effective integration with the hospital network.


Height2.7 in
Length 21.7 in
Online Storage Capacity750 images per CXDI-C3 images
Weight44 lbs
Detector TypeAmorphous Silicon
Pixel Matrix2688 x 2688 pixels
Width21.7 in
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