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Surgical Table

The Chick CST SE 2001 Major Surgical Table is supplied with a removable headrest unit and a set of electrically conductive table top cushions. Its main lift pedestal is at the head end, allowing for complete patient imaging (head-to-toe) without obstruction. This table has a split leg section allowing each leg to be manually positioned independently. It is electrically powered and requires 120v/60Hz power supply. This recharges the hydraulic accumulator system which activates the table functions during surgery without being plugged into the facility?s electrical system. This table is not remote control operated, but has a series of control levers at the head end of the table which operate each function.

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Cantidad de aceite y tipo
Cuánto aceite y de que tipo lleva está mesa quirúrgica?Reply


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Odin caimanino
Que tipo y cuánto aceite lleva la mesa quirúrgica midmark cst Reply
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[list]    [*] Completely C-Arm compatible    [*] Operates on stored energy or on manual override system    [*] No continuous electrical connection required    [*] Accommodates a wide range of procedures including laporoscopy and cystectomy    [/list]


Height42 in
Length 75 in
Weight400 lbs
Tredelenburg 30 degrees
Lateral Tilt20 degrees
Width20 in
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