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Newborn infants require special protection to keep them safe from abduction and mother/infant mismatches. Abductions can occur anywhere in the hospital – almost 20% happen outside the OB unit – and the system of matching ID bands for pairing mother with baby is purely manual and prone to human error.

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7 years ago
Approved Cleaner for Hugs tag
According to your manual, we should consult with infection control as to what cleaner can be used on the Hugs tags as long as it is safe for plastics and does not contain more than 20% alcohol. We currently stock Clorox Healthcare "Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectant Wipes" (white container with a green lid). These do not indicate that they contain alcohol, but infection control asked me to verify with you that these are apporved for cleaning the tags. Could you please confirm this? If they are not approved, do you have a list of cleaners that are appropriate? Thank you!!Reply


10 years ago

I'm in a new position and Hospital and part of my duties is the HUGS system in our L&D and Nursery. I know what the system is andunderstand how it works. But I would like to get some training since I am now going to be the Administrator. Unfortunately the department does not want to pay for training. Anyone have any hints or ideas where I could get some background on this system and functions? Thanks.



[list]              [*] Provide hospital-wide protection for infants against abduction              [*] Support the correct matching of mothers and infants              [*] Keep staff at all levels informed of patient status              [*] Protect multiple buildings and sites with a single enterprise solution              [/list]

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