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Proline XC X-rays are designed for full-view patient positioning...

Proline XC X-rays are designed for full-view patient positioning using a three laser positioning light system and a Graphic User Interface with easy-to-follow, color-coded menu options. The XC's focal trough adjusts to the patient's jaw shape and size providing excellent image quality. In addition, the Proline XC can be upgraded with future software features by simply replacing a software chip! With over 10+ programs from which to choose, the XC is definitely an economical solution for excellent dental imaging.

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-Frederic V Hep DDS
4 years ago
troubleshooting message on computer after taking pano
I took a pano today and the pano worked but did not come up on the computer and the message says no license on fileReply


-Del Mar View Dental Care
4 years ago
it wont rotate properly, off center at start up. It wont finish
it wont rotate properly, off center at start up. It wont finishReply


6 years ago
Planmeca ProMax

We have a Promax that the images produces a white line at mid-line during exposure. We are exporing possible solutions to the white out at mid-line.



Planmeca Digital Perfection


  • Open and easy patient access             
  • Comfortable and stable patient supports             
  • Side entry and open view for practical and precise patient positioning             
  • Triple laser beam system for accurate alignment of reference anatomical landmarks             
  • TheGraphicUserInterface(GUI)for intuitive selection of exposure program and parameters             
  • With state-of-the-art direct digital imaging the image is available for diagnosis immediately after exposure

Additional Specifications

Generator: Constant potential, microprocessor controlled, operating frequency 80 kHz           
X-ray tube: D-052SB            
Focal spot size: 0.5 x 0.5 mm           
Total filtration: 2.5 mm Al            
Anode voltage: 60 - 80 kV           
Anode current: 4 - 12 mA DC            
Exposure time:           
Pan-2.5 - 18 s           
Ceph- 0.2 - 5 s

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