Vitalograph - ALPHA 6000
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Performing spirometry tests could not be easier than with the All-in-One screening spirometer.

Vitalograph ALPHA is an easy to use, lightweight desktop spirometer that delivers an ideal combination of portability, speed and accuracy. ALPHA's low cost spirometry testing is enhanced by a precise and robust Fleisch pneumotachograph and a high resolution colour screen

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a year ago
service paasword
Goodday, what is the service password for vitalograph 6000

Equipment: Vitalograph - ALPHA 6000



4 years ago
Service pass for Alpha 600
Hi, anyone knows how login to service mode? also what is this password? the devices shows service message .. and I wont to clear it after PPM servicing Regards SSReply


4 years ago
how do you clean this machine ?Reply


[list]          [*] Dedicated all-in-one desktop unit          [*] Simple to use          [*] Rapid and low cost testing          [*] Clear and bright colour screen          [*] Accurate fleisch pneumotachograph          [*] Measures VC, FVC, FEV1, IC, FEV1%, PEF,FEF 25-75 and more          [*] On-screen visualisation of volume/time and flow/volume curves          [*] Saves multiple pre-tests for subsequent post-testing          [*] Removable memory card slot          [*] Presents the test information in clear, easy to read format          [*] Links to PC, via USB, with report generation software          [*] Fast, silent printer that prints 140 tests per roll          [/list]

Additional Specifications

Voltage: 110 - 250V~ 50/60Hz      Flow detection principle: fleisch type pneumotachograph      Volume detection: flow integration  Maximum displayed volume: 8 liters      Maximum test duration (FVC): 20 seconds      Flow impedance: <0.1 kPa/L/s @ 14 L/s

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