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High-level disinfection system for ultrasound transducers. 

The Trophon EPR is a complete ultrasound transducer High-Level Disinfection system thats fast, easy to use, environmentally friendly and quality assured. It uses a unique platform technology to effectively disinfect the transducer, including the shaft and handlein just seven minutes between patients.

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Error code
Error code DGW8020, anybody knows what that means?Reply


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Error code BF03


Please if any one can help with this Error code

Error code BF03 and keeps purging NON STOP



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Error Code DVF 0008
Showing an error message with error code DVF 0008, went thru all troubleshooting message. it continues with system failure. Do we need to send out for maintenance.Reply


Trophon EPR


  • The Trophon EPR is simple and cost effective to use                 
  • The Trophon EPR stores all disinfection cycle data which can be downloaded on a request basis or at your 12 monthly preventative maintenance service                 
  • There are only two items required for use with the Trophon EPR to deliver high level disinfection


Height19.3 in
Length 13.6 in
Weight38 lbs
Width13.6 in

Additional Specifications

Cycle Time: 7 minutes                     
Cycle Verification: Via User Screen, Chemical Indicator and Electronic Log.                     
Minimum Concentration 31.5% Minimum Disinfectant Dose 1.0 g Volume  80 ml, 40 cycles/cartridge Shelf Life  2 years                     
Chemical Indicators:                     
The Chemical Indicators are used exclusively for monitoring the High-Level Disinfection process when placed within the Trophon EPR chamber. The color of the indicator changes from red to yellow when exposed to hydrogen peroxide.                     
Probe Compatibility:                     
Please check with your transducer manufacturer regarding compatibility with the Trophon EPR. You can also find a validated transducer list at                     
Electrical Requirements:                     
Input Voltage: 120V AC                     
Input Current: 5 Amp/50-60 Hz                     
Agency Approvals:                     
UL61010-1:2004 R10.08, IEC61010-2-040:2005, CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1-04+GI1 (R2009), CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-2-040-07                     
EMC Compliance:                     
EN61326-1:2006 FCC Rules Part 15 Subpart B Unintentional Radiators, Class B Digital Devices ANSI C63.4:2009

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