Beckman Coulter - Biomek 2000
by Beckman Coulter

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The Biomek 2000 is a Laboratory Automation Workstation designed to address rapid changes in life science technologies.

Having a modular platform, the Biomek 2000 widens system capability to include plate washing, plate cooling and heating. Liquid-handling tasks are made simple with the integration of intelligent automation in this system. Automation of several procedures including pipetting, diluting and dispensing operations keep work process quick and easy. High-density transfers, photometric measurement and high-capacity operation are also made possible by the expansion. The BioWorks software operates the entire Biomek 2000 system. An intuitive graphical user interface makes this software efficient and easy to use.

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7 years ago
Communication issues
We have a biomek 2000 with communication issues. Actually we have 4 all doing the same thing. We are using a Null Modem 9 pin cable with Bioworks 3.0. We can connect via the server application. We go into diagnostics and attempt to home the motors. At this point the fans spin up and the light on the front comes on amber. Nothing moves and we get an error message saying that there was no response from the biomek. What could be causing this issue?Reply


  • Equipped with BioWorks software 
  • Automated monitoring and tracking
  • Communication ports and software communication links are included 
  • Expandable work surface 
  • Allows development of customized labware definitions


Height26.5 in
Length 19 in
Power Requirements100-240 VAC
Weight80 lbs
Width48 in
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