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Enterprise-wide telemetry

[b]Enterprise-wide telemetry[/b]      ApexPro® CH telemetry offers a highly flexible and modern telemetry system to meet the current and future telemetry needs of growing hospitals. ApexPro CH relies on an exceptional networking infrastructure operating in the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service (WMTS) for dependable communication of vital patient information. ApexPro CH works seamlessly with CARESCAPE™ Enterprise Access, giving you the option to unite clinical intelligence across the enterprise under one halo of wireless coverage. This single infrastructure approach gives you expanded coverage area and the flexibility to deploy ApexPro CH telemetry wherever you need it.            [b]Supports centralized and decentralized monitoring [/b]      ApexPro CH can be used effectively for either centralized or decentralized monitoring. Because telemetry data is accessible enterprise-wide, patients can be placed flexibly throughout the organization while being monitored with ApexPro CH. Nurses are freed to focus on patient care with the confidence that their patients are receiving continuous, quality monitoring. Whether you choose centralized or decentralized monitoring, ApexPro CH can help support your hospital protocol for continuous patient surveillance.            [b]Flexible, scalable and reliable[/b]      ApexPro CH offers a WMTS-protected, wireless patient monitoring system that helps protect against signal interference and dropout. The system operates in both the 608 to 614 MHz and 1395 to 1400 MHz ranges, giving you flexibility and scalability to help reduce the possibility of transmission interference in virtually any RF environment. The CARESCAPE Telemetry T14 Transmitter expands the capacity of the ApexPro CH telemetry system, enabling you to monitor up to 438 patients across the coverage area. This accommodates today’s requirements and helps ensure capacity for future expansion.            [b]Access to clinical data[/b]      With ApexPro CH, vital patient details are available through a variety of information viewing devices to enable constant vigilance and workflow flexibility. When clinical intelligence can be accessed in so many convenient ways, caregivers are empowered to respond quickly to critical situations and take appropriate action.            In Combination Mode, a Dash® or Solar® monitor at the bedside can display ApexPro CH telemetry waveforms alongside other vital signs, saving the time and inconvenience of disconnecting and reconnecting the patient to telemetry. In Rover Combo Mode, a wireless Dash monitor and ApexPro CH telemetry together create a powerful mobile monitoring solution.

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5 years ago
Apex Pro Ch/ Apex Pro Transmitters
What is the difference between apex pro ch transmitters and apex pro transmitters? Our system currently uses ch transmitters, does CH stand for "channel hopping" thanksReply


8 years ago
remote event

Does anyone know what to do to block remote signals on an apex pro ch.  I have an apex pro ch that run well except that a remote event notification pops up at the cic intermittently.



8 years ago
Battery receptacle of Apex Pro main board

Does anyone know where I could purchase the battery receptacle which on the Apex pro Transmitter main board (part# 421925-002

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Apex Pro CH Transmitter...


ApexPro CH provides exceptional detection and analysis of patient data to help you fully and accurately monitor your patients’ status.      [list]      [*] ApexPro CH uses the GE EK-Pro clinical algorithm, which processes and analyzes four independent, simultaneous ECG leads. Plus, an innovative Smart Leads Fail feature helps to reduce false ECG alarms.      [*] With GE EK-Pro, ApexPro CH supports advanced atrial fibrillation detection and alarming.      [*] ApexPro CH has the capability to monitor two V-leads on each patient.      [*] Pace detection across two vectors improves the system’s ability to see and recognize a wide variety of pacemakers.      [*] The flexible design of ApexPro CH allows each transmitter to monitor only the parameters each patient requires. Continuous monitoring of ECG and SpO2, and episodic monitoring of NIBP and temperature allow caregivers to tailor monitoring according to the patient’s acuity.      [/list]

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