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Simple is better.

The MAC 2000 from GE Healthcare helps the clinician make a fast and accurate diagnosis with the power of the Marquette* 12SL analysis program. It’s the proven1 diagnostic support you need, in an ECG system that’s intuitive and easy to use.        
The MAC 2000 increases productivity in the hospital, your practice and pharma clinical trials. It connects seamlessly with your existing environment, immediately making it easier to acquire, print, store, and transmit ECG data. It’s your link to productivity, however you need to connect.

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2 months ago
External printing
Hi folks, Please I need help on how to print ECG Results externally from a network printer from my Mac2000 machine, using SD card seems to be tedious for the end users. Reply


4 years ago
Silver Mactrode Plus Resting ECG Electrodes

I am trying to locate the vendor / manufacturer / manufacturer product number for the Electrodes. 



4 years ago
"RA LA RL LL disconnected" message

My unit says "RA LA RL LL disconnected" and doesn't see the leads on the monitor. I have tried rebooting, disconnecting lead cables and reconnecting, checking the lead settings, etc. Any advice?



MAC 2000 Resting ECG System


EKG/ECG TypeRest
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How to Read an EKG - Interpreting Waveforms

How to Read an EKG - Interpreting Waveforms

Everyone knows that EKGs are associated with the quality of life of someone inpatient, and that the parameters can determine someones vital signs.

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