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The high-performance anesthesia delivery system that offers the maximum in functionality, comfort and control.

Until now, anesthesia delivery systems were designed from a technology perspective. While this is obviously key – we saw it was not enough. Rather than look to functionality and reliability as the end in itself, we saw them as the points of entry and asked, “how could we make it even better?” The answer – ARKON.

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3 years ago
Service manual
I need the service manual this machine Arkon. Please help.Reply


10 years ago
Cost of ownership... last one, I promise

We are preparing to start our final anesthesia machine demo before we make the decision on which unit to purchase. This last machine is a Spacelabs Arkon machine.

I would like any feedback you may have concerning reliability along with PM parts costs and normal use parts. This will help me give an analysis of what to expect with these machines, since they will be maintained in-house. Any information from those of you experienced with these machines will be appreciated!


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[list]        [*] Centrally located clinical controls for ease-of-use        [*] A touchscreen display with intelligent navigation        [*] Intuitive and highly customizable user interface        [*] Signature lighting to emphasize active controls        [*] A rotating breathing circuit for bringing anesthesia delivery closer to your patient        [*] A full range of ventilation modes        [/list]

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Call 1 Recall: Arkon Anesthesia Delivery System recalled due to...

The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death

Class 1 Recall: Spacelabs Healthcare Ltd., ARKON Anesthesia...

The Spacelabs ARKON Anesthesia Delivery System is used in hospital operating rooms. It may be used for the delivery of oxygen, air and nitrous oxide in a controlled manner to various patient breathing circuits with or without the use of a mechanical

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