IDC - 1590 X-Series
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DR system for upright exams

This system can be configured for any room with optional imaging detector handedness on either side of the stand. An attached control pad with programmable Automatic Positioning is standard, all at a surprisingly affordable cost.

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-Shelly - IERHA
5 years ago
rapic charge
explain rapid chargeReply


-Michelle nc
7 years ago
Upright Bucky Cord to remote

I am looking for a Replacement cord for an IDC 1590 remote to the upright buckey... please contact me if you have one for sale 336-235-3105



10 years ago
Missing DICOM tags for date/time

The IDC 1590 provides (0008 0020) for study date and (0008 0030) for study time. Our PACS server needs (0008 0023) and (0008 0033) respectively. This is the only modality in our entire system that does not generate these date/time tags and PACS can not accommodate one system. Is there a way to create these tags on the modality side? (The OEM has no support for this issue)




[list] [*] Operator Controls: Remote control or manual switches on Imaging Detector [*] Magellan 3 Worklist software with TouchScreen compatibility [*] PureView - adaptive image processing algorithms [*] Flat panel monitor - 1600 x 1200 resolution [*] DICOM 3.0 functionality [*] Compatible with all major PACS - images can be in CR or DX format [*] VIPER - Visual Parameter Editor for image optimization [*] Intuitive AccuTech Exposure monitoring software [/list]


Height83 in
Length 19 in
Online Storage Capacityup to 2000 images
Weight200 lbs
Detector TypeCharge-coupled device (CCD)
Pixel Matrix4K x 4K, 16 megapixels pixels
Width19 in

Additional Specifications

Active Image Size: 43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”) Imaging Pixels :4,096 x 4,096 (16 Megapixel) Pixel Size: 108 microns Bit Depth :14 bit capture Fill Factor: 100% Preview Image :Approximately 5 seconds Processed Image Display: Approximately 10 seconds Imaging Detector Weight: 75 kg (165 lb)

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